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this is us

Moritz Leidel
Creative Head
Kerstin Battenfeld

We are part of a creative car scene that is a source of inspiration for photographers, artists, innovators, industry experts and brands, generating new ideas every day. We are all united by a common passion: Contemporary car culture. 

Our Mission

We are part of a scene that creates joy, gives strength and inspires anew time and again. For us, this passion is not just a hobby, but also a place for those who have not been able to share this passion until now. Together with us, it should be possible for others to celebrate and experience these passions.

this is us

Progress over the years

2022 – Sickalps

Arcade Mode >ON<

The next level has been reached. Sickalps is growing and we are sharing our passion with more and more people - challenge and concept alike. To cater for everyone's experience and ability, we have introduced different levels for participants.

Austria, Switzerland and France will experience in 2022 with almost 100 participants.

2022 – Porsche x Puma

A Night at Porsche Museum

The legendary Puma Suede meets Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 at Stuttgart. We have created a very special event for Puma Motorsport to launch this newly community member. Exclusive insights into the history of this colourful racing legend from 1972 and the collaboration shoe were the focus of the event. Ten special colour combinations, modelled on the RS 2.7, were issued in 500 pieces each, just like this sports car once was, and were completely sold out after only a few moments. Highlight: with the Suede you get free access to the current exhibitions of the Porsche Museum at any time in 2022.

2021 – Trackday @PEC.HHR

Back on Track

A series of three fully booked events at Porsche Experience Center Hockenheim –– We rolled out a very special experience event to control classic sportscars in every second of driving pleasure.

2020 – 2021


With the revival of Clubhouse, together with 3 friends we founded the first interactive room for petrol talks on this social media channel.

2019 – PUMA Motorsport

Porsche Turbo Legacy

Partner for the moste Events around the Licencing colab with its partner Porsche. Shortly before first Lockdown we started the very familiar Partnership with a very racey content creating in the Gorges of Frankfurt downtown.

2019 – Falken Tyres


Dream destinations such as the Alps remained only a dream for most during Corona. That's why we did something very special with Falken Tyres Europe and took the fans on a virtual journey that led from Zell am See in Austria via Switzerland, Italy and France over the most beautiful roads and passes in Europe to Monaco.



Experiencing the Alps on your own is nice, doing it together with new friends is even nicer –– There was nobody we could hang on, so we decided to organised tours with people who are now part of the family.

2019 – 2021

"Onassis" PreEvents

First started as a small gathering of a few before the end-of-year meeting of the scene, this event was as important as the main event the day after –– Always connected with a charity action, we have let this event grow to one of the meeting points of the scene. 

In 2021, we supported the organisers with our event for the last time. In honour of the organiser and his illness, "FCK CNCR" became a community event that will certainly remain unique.

2017 – Onassis

Art & Supporter

An essential part of the attitude to life also has to do with the love of design, which is why we helped other organisers like Tom Gädtke from Onassis Porsches with our work early on to make their events visible.



Pop-up events with good coffee and relaxed people, modelled on the Californian car scene, this event was created to bring people together from the digital to the real world –– Whether in the container port or at abandoned loading ramps, this is where our small urban meetings belong to.



Our first ride in the 1965 SWB showed us that we don't want to experience this fun alone, but with many parts. This is how Flat6High5 was born as an Instagram channel and today's brand.

Our Story

There are no limits to the imagination.


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